Suavinex anatomical teat latex Size 1M

Suavinex anatomical teat latex Size 2M

  • Its anatomical teat mimics the mother's nipple during sucking.
  • Size 2 is designed for babies over 6 months and is available with two different types of flow: medium flow (M), which is ideal for milk, juice and very fluid baby food, and high flow (L) for baby food and other thick foods.
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Brand: Suavinex

Price:119 Kč including VAT


ships in 2 weeks

  • The valves at its base prevent the discomfort caused by hiccups and wind from swallowing air.
  • Approved by the Spanish Society of Paediatric Dentistry.
  • Specially designed for Suavinex wide-neck bottles.
Product category Savičky
Věk 6+