Lodge Swaddler Cotton Product discontinued

Lodge Swaddler Cotton

The Swaddler, as Lodger's hydrophilic muslin swaddle is called, is a must in every layette. Nowadays the young parent uses the hydrophilic swaddle in a number of ways. Thanks to the thin and openly knitted cotton, this swaddle blanket is very breathable and super soft from itself.

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Brand: Lodger

Your baby can be dried off very well during tummy time, even between the skin folds. In addition, a Lodger hydrophilic swaddle is usable in so many different ways, that it is not just useful for drying, but you can also use it for the feeding of your baby or burp cloth. Plus the hydrophilic Swaddle diaper also offers protection from the bright sun. This can offer protection in the buggy or in the car for summertime. How about using it as sheet in bed or cradle?

The fabric of the hydrophilic swaddles is so soft that your baby can even cuddle with it nicely.

  • Age: 0-4 years
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Size: 120x120 cm
Product category Wrappers
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