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Träumeland mattress Abendrot 60x120 cm

Träumeland mattress Abendrot 60x120 cm

Träumeland Abendrot mattress with sleep fresh, comfort-pads out of cold foam.

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Mattress cover

sleep fresh fabric
quilted with washable fleece

Mattress core

comfort-pads for point-by-point elastic comfort of reclining
baby (white) and toddler side
optimal ventilation between the comfort-pads
reinforced edges for safety

Material description  

sleep fresh
56% polyester, 44% cotton
The sleep fresh mattress cover has integrated wetness protection and is highly breathable. Quilted with washable fleece, it provides a cozy surface for baby to sleep on. Washable at 60°C.

washable fleece
100% polyester
Washable fleece is a washable hollow fiber that is ideally suited for babies with allergies. It has high resilience and adds cushioning to Träumeland mattress covers.

cold foam
Cold Foam is made of higher-quality raw materials than soft foam. The benefits of cold foam are higher point-by-point elasticity, improved breathability and a longer life. Air channels and contour cuts improve important factors such as ventilation and point-by-point elasticity significantly.

comfort pads
Because of their three-dimensional shape, comfort pads have an excellent point-by-point elasticity and provide optimum support for baby´s backbone. They also ensure optimum ventilation in the mattress core and are therefore especially well suited for use in baby´s bed.

Size 60x120 cm
Removable cover Yes
Wetness protection Yes
Hypoallergenic Yes