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Bugaboo Fox³ complete

Bugaboo Fox³ complete with car seat and isofix base

The ultimate comfort stroller for any terrain. Bugaboo Fox 3 combines a premium look with more than 20 years of innovative stroller design, featuring advanced ergonomics. The new bassinet design with a breezy panels offers optimal airflow for even more comfort for your baby.

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Brand: Bugaboo

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The Bugaboo Fox3 stroller is sturdy enough to handle all your family adventures, and designed to keep your baby comfortable for the ride. It’s one of the most lightweight full-size strollers on the market. 

The Bugaboo Fox3 stroller is clever and agile, like its namesake. This stroller is made of the highest-quality materials, and features fingertip push, which means one light touch and you're already moving!

The Fox3 comes with large puncture-proof wheels, and a central-joint all-wheel suspension system for the smoothest ride, designed for city streets. Fabrics on the stroller are not only softer than ever & so strong - they’re also water repellent! The Fox3 features a new frame color, and comes in a selection of exciting new colors.

This stroller features the classic Fox features you’ve come to love like a sun canopy with a ventilated peekaboo window, and loads of storage space.

The included Breezy bassinet gives you the option to start using this stroller beginning from day one. The bassinet features a sun canopy to keep your baby protected, a peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your baby, and a brand new Breezy panel in the bassinet. 

Featuring a sleek design and an easy self-standing fold, the Bugaboo Fox3 stroller has everything you need in a city stroller- it’s practical, comfortable, and totally on trend!


  • Advanced 4-wheel suspension
  • Central-joint suspension for soft bounce
  • Large puncture-proof wheels
  • 8.5-inch front wheels
  • 12-inch rear wheels
  • Fingertip push; ready to go with just a touch
  • Refreshed aesthetics for cleaner look
  • Soft touch, super strong, water repellent fabrics
  • New frame color & new contemporary color range
  • Aerated 3D comfort mattress
  • Made from innovative 3D mesh
  • Quick-click harness & shoulder pads
  • Easy buckle, unbuckle and height adjustment
  • Extra large sun canopy offers protection from elements
  • Breezy bassinet features sun canopy, peek-a-boo window, & new breezy panel in bassinet
  • Strong & sturdy, yet lightweight at only 21.8 lbs
  • Suitable from birth to toddler up to 50 pounds

The Bugaboo Fox³ embraces your complete lifestyle: going outdoors, travelling and shopping are easy and always smooth.

It’s got the lightest push – no effort, just go. Take this stroller anywhere, from city streets to snowy trails - the advanced all-wheel suspension and big tires ensure a smooth, stable ride for you and your child no matter the
surface. The easy-access underseat basket means you can bring along everything you need. With an ultralight frame and seamless fold you can easily carry the stroller into your house or car, or use the super-compact fold for stress-free storage.

Bugaboo’s new design language for the Bugaboo Fox³ means rounder, more modern contours. Its modular design means parents can customize the stroller to make it their very own - or refresh the look of the stroller for a new season or a new baby. Mix and match from the many color choices for fabrics, wheel caps and handlebar grips.

The Bugaboo Fox³ doesn’t compromise on quality, appearance or comfort. It’s better than anything else out
there, because there’s nothing like a Bugaboo.

The most comfortable stroll

Effortless push and agile steering make this Bugaboo stroller the best in its class. Take it anywhere, from city streets to snowy trails - the advanced all-wheel suspension and big wheels ensure a smooth, stable ride no matter the surface. The chassis is robust and strong, suitable for children up to 22kg. Yet it’s still the most lightweight comfort stroller on the market (less than 10 kg) making it easier than ever to lift, carry and transport.

Robust and strong, yet utralight and compact

The bassinet and seat are ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort. Spacious size and supportive pillow-top padding mean the child can peacefully sleep while parents are steadily strolling. The frame is robust, but still light so parents can lift and carry it. The stroller folds up seamlessly in one-piece and can stand on its own when being stored.

Designed to last

As one can expect from a Bugaboo stroller, the Bugaboo Fox³ is built with the highest quality materials to ensure it can be used for generations with the same outstanding performance. Its modular design means parents can customize the stroller to make it their very own - or refresh the look of the stroller for a new season or a new baby. Mix and match from the many color choices for fabrics, wheel caps and handlebar grips. Fabrics on the Bugaboo Fox³ are made with recycled materials.

More features:

  • Suitable from birth up to 22 kg / 50 lbs
  • Central joint suspension & front wheel suspension
  • Changeable bassinet & seat fabric, sun canopy, grips & wheel caps
  • Attach accessories easily with the integrated attachment point
  • All fabrics are machine washable
  • Weight: 9.9 kg / 21.8 lbs
  • Large front wheels: 8.5 inch, rear wheels: 12 inch
  • 1 brake pedal without position (ball pen principle)
  • Large, easy accessible underseat basket with storage pockets
  • High seat placement: 59 cm from the ground
  • One hand removing seat frame
  • One hand seat adjustability
  • 1 piece compact folding & extra compact folding
  • Self standing folding in every configuration
  • Beach mode position

All set from day one

The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna enables you to transition smoothly and seamlessly from car to pushchair without waking anyone up. From that first ride home from the hospital to fun road trips and everyday journeys, with the Bugaboo Turtle, you’ve got this.

Easy to use (we promise)

Designed in collaboration with premium car-seat brand Nuna, the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna is based on the design principles of smart simplicity which has resulted in an easy and intuitive design.

The ultimate comfort

With adjustable head-support, a signature Bugaboo canopy with mesh peek-a-boo and a UPF 50+ ‘smart visor’ for a quiet cocoon, the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna will keep your child comfortable whether you’re on the road or out for a stroll. Meanwhile the washable merino wool insert provides optimal climate control.

From roll to stroll

With our car seat adapters and recognisable white buttons, the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna is designed for seamless integration with your Bugaboo pushchair and features a lightweight shell with ergonomic carry handle.

I-size compliant

Key safety features include a true-lock™ base with triple installation confirmation, a no-thread 5-point harness, and patented tailor tech foam for optimal side-impact protection. The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna is also i-Size compliant and has a “Gut (1.8)” crash protection rating*. i-Size is the new car-seat safety standard that ensures better side-impact protection and safer positioning. * Based on Nuna Pipa Icon 2017 ADAC test


  • Improved side impact protection through newly developed Isofix Wingbase
  • Automatic activation of side impact protection wings when installing the car seat.
  • Installation in seconds with 3 way correct installation confirmation on the base.
  • True lock™ base with steel load leg
  • Adjustable Isofix connectors to remove or reduce the gap between vehicle seat and base
  • In the event of a crash t he load leg stabilizes the seat and minimizes force transferred to baby
  • 3 colored installation indicators on load leg, isofix connectors and base.

Nobody likes to wake a sleeping child after a car ride, so Bugaboo has found a way to help little ones finish their nap. Bugaboo Car Seat Adapters provide a safe and easy connection between the car seat and the Bugaboo stroller. They are designed with a quick and simple click & go system. This innovation will give parents another option for the Bugaboo travel system, making it even easier to move around in comfort and to transfer your sleeping child between the car and the stroller.

Car seat compatibility:

Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna

Maxi-Cosi: Cabriofix, Pebble, Pebble Plus, Rock

Be Safe: iZi Go X1, iZi Go Modular

Cybex: Cloud Q, Cloud Z i-size, Aton5, Aton Q (i-size), Aton M (i-size)

Kiddy: Evoluna i-Size, Evolution Pro2, Evoluna i-Size 2

Nuna: Pipa Icon, Pipa Lite, Pipa Lite LX