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Bugaboo rough terrain wheels Product discontinued

Bugaboo rough terrain wheels

Provide a smooth ride over any rough terrain.

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Brand: Bugaboo

The large rubber wheels are specially designed for rough-terrain, such as steep pathways, and harsh conditions like snow-packed streets. For extra traction and a smooth ride, quickly replace the swivel wheels with the rough-terrain wheels to ensure a firm grip on rough surfaces like cobblestones or slippery conditions like icy roads. Also ideal for use on the beach or in the park.

  • extra traction possibilities.
  • large rubber tires provide extra firm grip on all types of surfaces.
  • non-swiveling wheels offers a better stability on rough terrains.
  • quick and easy to interchange.


features & specs

  • for any Bugaboo Cameleon (for previous version of Cameleon you will need extra set of adapters, sold separately).
  • large rubber tires.
  • non-swiveling wheels.


Without adapters

  • Bugaboo Cameleon 3


With extra set of adapters (purchase here)

  • Bugaboo Cameleon 2 (Plus)
  • Bugaboo Frog
  • Bugaboo Gecko