New Bugaboo footmuffs

Bugaboo Performance Winter footmuff

The weather may be unpredictable, but one thing is for sure: with the Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff, your baby will be cozy and warm. The footmuff is water repellent so that your baby is safe from any surprise showers or winter flurries. And an added benefit of the weatherproof material is that it helps it last through years of use, and countless washings.  

Yes, the Bugaboo Winter Footmuff is fabulously practical, from the adjustable hood down to the  reflective accents for safety and a built-in removable shoe shield (so that the footmuff itself stays fresh)!

Aside from that, this footmuff is also awesomely comfortable and so, so warm, filled with responsibly sourced down filling and line with soft, breathable fleece. The down filling is easy to remove for warmer weather, and waterproof two-way zippers make transfers easy and allow for quick adjusting during weather changes. The designers thought about it all, down to the teeniest detail. 

The Bugaboo Performance Winter Universal Footmuff is available in a selection of colors to match the season’s palette and their latest strollers

Bugaboo Universal Winter footmuff

The Bugaboo footmuff comes in exciting new designs and colors, with luxe, soft fabrics, and it's even more cozy and practical than ever before! Water-repellant, temperature regulating fabrics on the outside of the stroller keep your child cozy and protected from the elements, and the new cocoon-shaped top provides an extra element of protection during windy weather. The removable apron comes with a two-way zipper and magnetic detail so that you can adjust the cocoon easily as weather conditions change. 

But the awesomeness of this footmuff isn’t just on the outside; the inside is just as fabulous, with a breathable melange fleece inner lining that’s beyond soft, and so plush. 

We love that this stroller has a soft, breathable fleece lining so that your child can be nestled in comfort all ride long. Also, check out the new reflective details that increase your stroller’s visibility during those nighttime strolls! And did we mention the easy-to-clean shoe shield? 

Are you thinking about storing this in the summer? No worries, this footmuff folds into a really compact little bundle measuring just 9.84 x 12.60 x 5.91, and really shouldn’t take up too much precious space!

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