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In 2022, the innovative stroller brand Bugaboo is introducing a one second fold city stroller: the new Bugaboo Butterfly. With this launch, the innovative stroller brand consolidates their position in the fastest growing stroller segment—the ultra-compact stroller category—differentiating themselves from the competition by offering a city stroller that has it all, from a brilliant fold, best in class comfort for both driver and co-pilot and a streamlined design matched with top notch Bugaboo quality. When parents seek out ultra-compact strollers, they want something that adapts to and enriches their lifestyle, a stroller that's ready at a moment’s notice to navigate the city and all of life's daily transitions. It must be lightweight, portable, easy to fold and unfold, highly maneuverable, certified for travel and built to last for years to come.

The Butterfly offers a solution for vibrant parents whose baby is growing into a curious and active toddler (from 6 months and up to 22 kg. Featuring a one second fold and an ultra-compact design, the Butterfly allows for seamless transitions in day-to-day urban life. Nothing in the stroller was left to chance, and the ingenious Dutch design was inspired by decades of stroller innovation.

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The following features have been carefully incorporated into the Butterfly’s design to meet these needs and to allow parents to lead the vibrant lives they aspire to:

One second fold and air unfold

One second. That’s all it takes to fold the Butterfly down to a neat, tidy package. No need to adjust the seat, close the canopy, fold away the leg rest or even take off a footmuff. And the best part? Parents can fold it with just one hand while they hold their baby close with the other. When it’s time to unfold, the air unfold technology means all it takes is one quick movement and then gravity does the rest.

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Ultra-compact and portable

Thanks to its lightweight, ultra-compact build, the Butterfly can be tucked away almost anywhere, and its sturdy upright design means it stays standing wherever you put it down. It fits neatly under tables, next to metro seats, in taxi trunks or even in overhead luggage compartments (IATA compatible). And you can pick it up 100% handsfree. Just sling the strap over your shoulder and you’re ready to take off on new adventures.

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First class comfort for growing babies

The Bugaboo Butterfly was designed specifically with babies and toddlers over 6 months old and weighing up to 22 kg, making it ideal for parents seeking a second stroller for their growing child. Featuring the roomiest seat of any city stroller, extra padded cushioning, and adjustability up to 143°, the Butterfly lets the child lie back and relax as the streets buzz around them. The stroller also comes with a five-point leg rest and a convenient quick-click harness, which is perfect for curious toddlers looking to hop off the moment they spot a new adventure.

Bugaboo Butterfly

Storage galore and high-quality design

The Butterfly offers a spacious underseat basket (8 kg) so parents can carry everything they need for a day out on the town. It also features four rugged wheels, a one hand push, a 4-wheel suspension and an invincible chassis. All combined to give you amazing maneuverability regardless of the road you take or the load you carry. In fact, the Butterfly can carry a whopping 30 kg! That’s 22 kg for the child and 8 kg for the underseat basket. The Butterfly’s streamlined, aerodynamic design is full of elegant curves and precise lines, a seamless integration of form and function.
The gorgeous engineering makes the complicated simple, letting you confidently stroll with your growing baby for years to come.

The Bugaboo Butterfly will launch Globally on June 14th, 2022.





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