New and improved Bugaboo Donkey⁵

Bugaboo is about much more than star-studded endorsements. Over the years, the brand has added a whole host of new models to its roster, from city comfort pushchair the Bee 6 to the Bugaboo Fox 3, which is ideal for city or country living, as well as the latest addition Bugaboo Butterfly. And, if that wasn’t enough, Bugaboo has yet another exciting launch on the horizon – Bugaboo Donkey 5.

The brand’s range of Donkey pushchairs first launched in 2011 and marked a major moment of innovation in the industry. Easily convertible, they are side by side pushchairs that have been designed specifically with growing families in mind and the latest version comes with a series of exciting updates that make it lighter, easier to manoeuvre, and more comfortable for your tiny humans.

Whether you have one child, twins or two toddlers of a similar age, here’s everything you need to know about Bugaboo’s Donkey 5.

Bugaboo Donkey 5

What are the key features of the donkey 5?

Bugaboo is updating its award winning pushchair to welcome the brand new Donkey 5, which has lots of great new features to make it better than ever before.

Suitable for use from birth, the donkey 5 comes with a spacious carrycot that includes a brand-new breezy panel, which combined with the breezy canopy, offers year round ventilation.

The pushchair also features a 3cm higher seating position of the carrycot, change to the pushchair also features a high seat position, with the bassinet height of 51cm and the seat height of 57cm, that bring your tiny human closer to you for easier reach and interactions.

Super versatile, the Donkey 5 can transform from mono to duo or twin with three simple clicks and in duo mode, siblings can sit side by side with the option to either face the parent or world. It’s also worth noting that the pushchair can fit through a standard doorway in both mono and duo mode, measuring 74cm at its widest point.

Concerned about storage? Don’t be as the Donkey 5 also offers a large amount of space for all your essentials, including a 10kg shopping basket and an extra 10kg side-luggage basket that can be used when in single mode.

Bugaboo Donkey 5

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