Bugaboo Fox Cub

The Bugaboo Fox cub is a smaller, lighter, version of the Fox 5 with sporty detailing and simpler, more essential features. The Fox 5 offers more advanced features, elevated styling and overall, more ease of use and even better driving experience.

These are the 5 main differences:

  • Ease of use: The Bugaboo Fox Cub needs to be used with 2 hands, while in the Bugaboo Fox 5, reclining the seat, adjusting the handlebar, and even folding can be done with one hand for extra ease of use.
  • The comfort of the baby: The Bugaboo Fox Cub features a comfortable bassinet and a fixed seat with padded fabrics. The Bugaboo Fox 5 builds on that and goes further in the comfort of the child by offering a bassinet with a breezy panel to help regulate the baby’s temperature during hot summer days; and it offers a seat with an extendable footrest and sun canopy to offer your child an extra 10 cm of space.
  • The brake: While the Fox Cub offers the push-and-lift brake system, while the Bugaboo Fox 5 offers the ball-pen brake system which is flip-flop friendly.
  • The offering: The Bugaboo Fox Cub comes in 4 color combinations, while the Bugaboo Fox 5 comes in 34 total possible color combinations.
  • The detailing: The Bugaboo Fox Cub offers a sporty detailing, while the Bugaboo Fox 5 features more elegant finishes and detailing all over the stroller.

Every product that Bugaboo creates — including the new Bugaboo Fox Cub — is in line with the brand’s “Push to zero” commitments to build a more sustainable future and reduce its carbon footprint to net zero by 2035. The Bugaboo Fox Cub is mindfully produced with bio-based materials instead of fossil-based plastic, which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 19%.

The Bugaboo Fox Cub was intentionally designed to represent 20 years of Bugaboo heritage, with design hints of the iconic Fox and Cameleon.

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