Stokke Athleisure collection 2017

Combining form and function – Stokke Athleisure Collection speaks to the way modern parents live!

There are rare occasions when a trend goes from mainstream to mainstay. This is at the core of the athleisure concept.

When you're a parent, your days are filled with activity! You're strolling with your baby, doing the last minute diaper change turn around or the Teddy bear pick-up squat routine. This is the inspiration behind our Athleisure Collection. It isn't a statement about fashion. It's about encouraging modern parents to continue leading their active lifestyles with their children.

Enjoy being active together.

Stokke Athleisure

Stokke designers have taken the best elements of activewear to outfit Stokke® Xplory® Athleisure with a dynamic new look, and increased functionality.

Stokke Athleisure canopy

Breathable, with pops of fresh Marina Blue or Coral, the technical fabrics have been carefully selected for their wicking and quick-dry properties. Laser cut perforation and mesh allow optimal ventilation, while an oversize canopy, with added extension, offers ultimate protection.

Stokke Athleisure seat

For even more functionality, Stokke® Xplory® Athleisure incorporates an
upgraded newborn insert with an extended foot support, adjustable headrest
and moisture absorbing textiles.

Stokke Athleisure Stokke Athleisure Stokke Athleisure
To keep everything you and your baby need securely stowed during your outings together, our designers have also included a two-tone shopping bag with coordinating Marina Blue or Coral detailing. This unique stroller is available with a silver or black chassis and a carry cot option.
Stokke Athleisure MyCarrier

To complete your athleisure look we’ve also made Stokke® MyCarrier™ in technical mesh fabrics with the same wicking and quick-dry properties.

Our adjustable, ergonomic baby carrier makes it even easier to get out there and enjoy time with your little one.

Stokke Athleisure MyCarrier collection

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