How Can The Tripp Trapp Chair Grow With Your Child

When choosing items for your baby, you want quality and value for money, but you also want something that will last.  

You need an item that’s safe, sturdy, and easy to clean, but don’t want an eyesore that will take up all the room in your house! That’s why parents around the world love the Stokke® Tripp Trapp®.

Designed to be a chair for life, the Tripp Trapp® features a timeless adjustable design, with optional newborn and baby accessories for the early stages so your little one can use the same item from birth right up to adulthood. 

"We bought our first Tripp Trapp when our oldest was six-months-old. It was important to us that he sit right up at the table, part of family meals from the outset. 

"When it was time to wean his sister three years later, our son was still using his Trip Trapp seat not only for mealtimes, but for arts and crafts, lego and making jigsaws, so we bought a second one for our daughter. 

"The chairs have grown with the children, until they were big enough to sit on regular chairs around the table. Now the Tripp Trapp chairs are in their bedrooms and have been used for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert studies as well as playing guitar, putting on makeup...and still used for jigsaw making." - Denise, mum of four.

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What are the benefits of buying a Tripp Trapp®?

It works with your child as they grow

A key benefit is that rather than buying completely separate high chairs, child-sized furniture, and booster cushion as they grow, you can easily adjust the Tripp Trapp® for your child’s every stage. The depth and height are adjustable, creating a comfortable and ergonomic seating position at any age. Because the footrest acts as a floor, your child to balance and comfortably shift their weight, and when properly adjusted, your child can sit in a natural fully-supported position.

This means that not only are you buying less items (and having less clutter saved for your growing family), you are also ensuring that your little one is as safe and comfortable as possible – no more slipping around in high chairs that are too big, or sitting uncomfortably with legs unable to touch the ground. 

This really comes into its own at the stage when children grow out of most traditional high chairs – they want to be independent and sit in a real chair, but can’t see over the table! With the Tripp Trapp®, the adjustable seat and footrest means that your child can climb into their own chair safely, and sit at a comfortable height for the table.

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It allows the whole family to sit at the table

Another great benefit is that the Tripp Trapp® chair allows your child to be seated at your table. This encourages social development, as your child, at any age, can interact with the rest of the family; learning and developing alongside you.

It’s high quality

As a parent, you always want the best for your little one, so it’s reassuring that the Tripp Trapp®  is solidly constructed from European beech, and designed to hold up to 110kg/242lbs.

There’s even an extended 7-year warranty available on wooden components. Each chair is decorated with water-based, non-toxic paint, and free from harmful substances including bisphenol and phthalates. 

It looks cool

Your home may change as your family grows, but it’s not necessary to compromise aesthetics when choosing baby gear.

The timeless Scandinavian design has a similar ‘footprint’ to a regular dining chair so it doesn’t take up too much space, and it fits right up to your dining table, so you can truly sit together as a family.

With a classic Scandinavian design by Peter Opsvik, the Tripp Trapp® is available in a range of colour choices to match any décor, and the minimalist look isn’t too ‘babyish’ and won’t date. In fact, one of our team just sent her son off to college with one of their Tripp Trapp® chairs!

Stokke Tripp Trapp s novorozeneckou sadou

Free engraving

Good news! In addition to a wide variety of colours and accessories, Stokke® is offering complimentary engraving for your Stokke Tripp Trapp chair.

Engraving your Tripp Trapp® is a meaningful way to let your child know that their chair has been made just for them! 

The engraving is treated with a special oil to make certain the wood is sealed so that it will look good for years to come. Once finished, it can be used both as the top and bottom back rail of your chair.

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