More fun and comfort at bath time

Who doesn’t love bath time? It’s such an intimate, precious and fun moment in the day between parents and baby. Watching your loved one splash around in the comforting warm water, swish and squash the twinkling bubbles and revel in exploration with the shapes and colors of their favorite bath toys.What a treasured few moments and often perfect end to the day, where nothing else exists in that time except you and baby.

Using high quality, safe and easy to use bath time products means that you can spend less time worrying, organising and straining, and more time enjoying the moment.

 Dětská skládací vanička Stokke Flexi Bath

Flexi Bath® X-Large:

For growing babies and sharing

The Flexibath® X-Large tub comes with all the same stylish and popular features as before but is 25% larger than the original making it perfect for growing toddlers or sharing the splish-splash fun with siblings. Even in this larger size, the Flexi Bath® X-Largetub is still foldable and perfect for storing in smaller spaces.

Stokke Flexi Bath X-Large 

Flexi Bath® Newborn Support 3:

The innovative newborn support for safety and comfort

The Flexi Bath® Newborn Support 3 is a beautiful, curved seat that holds your baby at the perfect angle with ergonomic support for ultimate comfort. This new release offers design elements that offer even more superior support for your peace of mind and baby’s enjoyment.

The Flexi Bath® Newborn Support 3 easily attaches to your Flexi Bath® and can then be removed for convenient storing and for when your baby starts to sit by themselves.

Vanička Stokke Flexi Bath

Why people love the Stokke® Flexi Bath®

This award-winning popular baby bath is lightweight and portable with the ability to fold flat and conveniently store away or travel with. It also has a non-slip base, optional heat sensitive plug and an innovative, ergonomically designed seat for newborns; so your little one can be safe and comfortable during bath time.

Skládací vanička Stokke Flexi Bath

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